AALF Sale of Sales

AALF Sale of Sales

AALF Sale Of Sales
July 18, 2018
Denver, CO


Sale Average

1 Bull          $15,000
1.5 Heifers    10,833
70 Embryos       634
1 Flush             3,300 

Total Gross $78,900

Purchasing Lot 1 was ATAK Limousin, Avon, IL
Adam Schmalshof of ATAK Limousin, Avon, IL, and daughter, Peyton

Purchasing Lot  4 Embryos were White Valley Ranch, Adair, OK
Chris and Kesley White

Purchasing Lot 3 was Ludens Family Limousin, Viborg, SD
Wiley Fanta of Wulf Cattle, Morris, MN, thanked Michael Ludens of Viborg, SD, for his purchase.

  • $15,000 — Top-Selling Lot

Lot 1—Pick of the 2017 Fall-Born Bulls offered by Linhart Limousin  of Leon, IA. Ludens Family Limousin of Viborg, SD, was the buyer.

  • $10,000

Lot 2—Pick of the 2018 January-Born Open Heifers offered by Magness Land & Cattle of Platteville, CO. Lake Side Limousin Ranch of Ionia, MO, was the buyer.

  • $6,250

Lot 3—50% embryo interest in Wulfs Ethelinde 7507E ET, an 8/14/17, homozygous black, homozygous polled 75% Lim-Flex was offered by Wulf Cattle of Morris, MN, and purchased by Ludens Family Limousin of Viborg, SD.

  • $5,250

Lot 4—Three embryos by HA Cowboy Up 5405 out of Riverstone Charmed were offered by Stowers Land & Cattle of Bridgeport, TX, and purchased by White Valley Ranch of Adair, OK.

  • $4,400

Lot 9—Minerich Land & Cattle Co. of Richmond, KY, purchased four embryos by CJSL Creed 5042C out of LH Belle 015B from Colt Cunningham of Rose, OK.