P Bar S Ranch Proof Of Progress XI Sale

P Bar S Ranch Proof Of Progress XI Sale

P Bar S Proof Of Progress XI Sale
October 28, 2018
Sand Springs, OK
Sale Management: R&R Marketing
Sale Consultants: Grassroots Consulting, MC Marketing Management, Helton Consulting
Cattle sold into Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Louisiana, Indiana and Michigan

Sale Summary

1 Open Heifer                     $8,500      $8,500
4 Rights to Flush                21,750        5,438
10 Fall Pairs                       45,050         4,505
1 Heifer Pregnancy              4,000         4,000
47 Spring Bred Female    149,500         3,181
63 Female Lots              $228,800      $3,632
16 Bulls                             $38,950      $2,434

Lot 2—PBRS 6285D
$11,000—Top-Selling Lot

Lot 18B—PBRS Diva Note 6298D

Lot 1—PBRS First Suspect 847F

Lot 3—PBRS Dark Sunshine 6261D

  • 11,000—Top-selling Lot

Lot 2—PBRS 6285D, a 9/24/16 50% Lim-Flex daughter of Cottage Lake Border Agent, sold with her 9/12/18 bull calf by RLBH Days Of Thunder. Red Rock Limousin of Gary, TX, was the buyer.

  • 9,500—Bred Heifer

Lot 18B—PBRS Diva Note 6298D, a 10/1/16 73% Lim-Flex daughter of MAGS Aviator, sold bred to RLBH Days Of Thunder. J6 Farms of Gibbon, NE, was the buyer.

  • 8,500—Open heifer

Lot 1—PBRS First Suspect 847F, a 2/10/18 50% Lim-Flex daughter of MAGSWL Usual Suspect 538U, sold to Shuter Family Cattle Co. of Frankton, IN.

  • 8,500—Pair

Lot 3 and 3A—PBRS Dark Sunshine 6261D, a 9/18/16 62% Lim-Flex daughter of EF Xcessive Force who sold with her 10/7/18 bull by PBRS Deep Impact 6121D. Purchased by Davis Limousin Ranch, Brownwood, TX.