B-Bar Cattle Bull & Female Sale

B-Bar Cattle Bull & Female Sale

B-Bar Cattle Annual Bull & Female Sale
December 11, 2018
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Sale Team: Bohrson Marketing Services and MC Marketing Management

                                 Gross         Avg.
1 Bred Female      $9,500        $9,500
6 Bred Heifers       56,750         9,458
2 Open Heifers     18,500          9,250
20 Yearling Bulls  146,000         7,300
2 Semen Lots        10,375         5,188
31 Total                $241,125      $7,778
*Canadian Dollars

  • $13,500—Top-Selling Lot

Lot 29—B Bar Nicole 24E, 1/18/17, black, homozygous polled purebred daughter of Hunt Credentials 37C, sold bred to LFLC Dollar Bill 764D. She was purchased by Pinnacle View Limousin of Quesnel, BC.

  • $13,000—Top-Selling Bull

Lot 5—B Bar/Hawkeye Hulk 45F, a 2/4/18, red, homozygous polled purebred son of Richmond Zodiac SRD 29Z, sold to Rosalind Enterprises of Princeton, ON. He was co-owned with Hawkeye Land & Cattle of Norwich, ON.

  • $12,750—Bull

Lot 8—B Bar Lionheart 63F, a 2/20/18, red, polled purebred son of Ivy’s Bubba Watson HTZ 24B, also sold to Rosalind Enterprises.

  • $12,000—Open Heifer

Lot 22D—B Bar/Hawkeye Foxtrot 27F, a 1/29/18 red, polled purebred daughter of Richmond Zodiac SRD 29Z sold to Loyal Line Limousin of Goderich, ON. She was co-owned with Hawkeye Land & Cattle and was offered as part of the pick of a flush.

  • $11,500—Bred Heifer

Lot 27—B Bar Nicole 28E, a 1/19/17, red, homozygous polled daughter of HUNT Credentials 37C sold bred to RPY Paynes Cracker 17E. She was purchased by Anchor B Limousin of Hanley, SK.