Magness Mile-High Elite Female Sale

Magness Mile-High Elite Female Sale

Magness Mile High Elite Female Sale
January 12, 2019
Denver, Colorado
Sale Management: MC Marketing Management
Sale Consultants: American Cattle Services & Grassroots Consulting
Cattle sold into 8 states

Sale Summary
10 Open Heifers              $ 7,125
9.5 Bred Heifers                 6,289
19.5 Lots Grossed $131,000 to Average $6,718

Lot 1—$14,000
Top-Selling Lot — MAGS Each Dawn

Lot 11—$17,000
MAGS Flutter

Lot 19—$11,000
MAGS Fateful

Lot 2—$10,000
MAGS Eves With Cable

  • Lot 1—Top-selling Lot

$14,000—ATAK Limousin of Avon, Illinois, purchased full possession and half embryo interest in MAGS Each Dawn, a 2/22/17, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 81% daughter of AHCC Badlands 908B. She sold bred to J&J Weigh Up 294.

  • Lot 11—Open Heifer

$17,000—MAGS Flutter is a 3/23/18, homozygous black, homozygous polled 56% Lim-Flex daughter of MAGS Zappo. She sold to Shelby Skinner of Bolivar, Missouri; Deb Vorthmann of Silver City, Iowa;  and Carly Kolterman of Garland, Nebraska.

  • Lot 19—Open Heifer

$11,000—Gilbert Cattle Co. of Tecumseh, Oklahoma, purchased MAGS Fateful, a 1/28/18 homozygous black, homozygous polled, 51% Lim-Flex daughter of CJSL Creed 5042C.

  • Lot 2—Bred Heifer

$10,000—MAGS Eves With Cable, a 3/1/17, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 50% Lim-Flex daughter of MAGS Cable sold bred to MAGS Yip. She was purchased by Lamkins Cattle Co. of Lebanon, Missouri.