Limousin365 Acquires Limousin Today

Limousin365 Acquires Limousin Today

Limousin365 Acquires Limousin TodayL365 Logo Blk

The Board of Directors of the North American Limousin Foundation and the Limousin365 ownership
group have reached an agreement regarding the purchase of the official breed publication, Limousin
. The purchase was finalized at the Foundations’ August board meeting.

Gary Fuchs, NALF Board of Directors President, said “The sale is viewed by the current NALF board
as a team effort between the Foundation and Limousin365 to provide services to the membership
regarding the promotion of Limousin and Lim-Flex® cattle to effectively grow the breed.”

NALF Executive Director Mark Anderson added, “The sale of the magazine allows the Foundation to
concentrate on maintaining the quality and accuracy of the herdbook. Membership utilization of the
animal recording and DNA services provided by the Foundation will enable them to capitalize on the
genomic information and the new single-step cattle evaluation for more accurate EPDs.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Limousin Today will be rebranded Limousin365. The planned initial
publication date is January 1, 2020.

“The Limousin365 ownership group is excited to take over the management of the breed’s official
publication and looks forward to working closely with the Foundation and its members to promote
the Limousin breed through this valuable marketing tool,” said Kiley McKinna, ownership partner of
Limousin365. “Our team will strive to uphold the high standards set forth for the publication which
has proudly been the flagship promotional piece for the breed for nearly half a century.

For more information about NALJA, the North American Limousin Foundation, or to locate a Limousin
or Lim-Flex breeder near you, visit or call 303-220-1693.