Wulf Opportunity Sale of 2020

Wulf Opportunity Sale of 2020

Wulf Opportunity Sale of 2020
April 9, 2020
Atkinson, Nebraska
Auctioneers: C.K. “Sonny” Booth, Ronn Cunningham & Chisum Peterson
Sale Team: American Cattle Services, Grassroots Consulting, MC Marketing Management, KK Seedstock, R&R Marketing

Sale Summary
132 Limousin Yearling Bulls Averaged $5,701
29 Limousin 2-Year-Old Bulls Averaged $5,379
10 Limousin Fall Bulls Averaged $5,250
171 Limousin Bulls Averaged $5,620

133 Lim-Flex Yearling Bulls Averaged $5,062
19 Lim-Flex 2-Year-Old Bulls Averaged $4,316
29 Lim-Flex Fall Bulls Averaged $4,276
181 Lim-Flex Bulls $4,858

10 Angus Fall Bulls Averaged $4,675
16 Angus Yearling Bulls Averaged $4,000
26 Angus Bulls Averaged $4,260
378 Bulls Averaged $5,161

7 Lim-Flex Open Heifers Averaged $5,250
14 Limousin Open Heifers Averaged $3,000
5 Angus Open Heifers Averaged $2,600
26 Heifers Averaged $3,529
404 Total Lots Averaged $5,056

Cattle sold to 115 buyers from 28 US States, Canada and Australia

Wulfs Gameboy C911G
Purchased by Beus Cattle Co. & Gameboy Syndicate

Wulfs Gaylord C904G
Purchased by Hunt Limousin Ranch, Gaylord Syndicate & David Malanga

Wulfs Genius 5293G
Purchased by BVC Farms & David Malanga

Wulfs Gallagher 7056g
Purchased by Wieczorek Limousin

  • $25,500—TOP-SELLING BULL

Lot 170—Wulfs Gameboy C911G ET is a 2/20/19 homozygous polled, black 80% Limousin son of Wulfs Xcellsior X252X out of MAGS Dealing Magic. Beus Cattle Co. of  Pasco, Washington, and the Gameboy Syndicate purchased two-thirds interest.

  • $20,000—

Lot 1—Wulfs Gaylord C904G is a 2/4/19 homozygous polled, homozygous black purebred son of  LFLC Checking Account 701C out of CAIT Extra Special 710E. Hunt Limousin Ranch of Oxford, Nebraska and the Gaylord Syndicate purchased one-half interest, and David Malanga of Australia.

  • $17,000—

Lot 2—Wulfs Genius 5293G is a 3/18/19 homozygous polled, homozygous black purebred son of Wulfs Cobra 2662C out of Wulfs Charisma 5293C. BVC Farms of Mount Perry, Ohio, and David Malanga of Australia purchased one-half interest.

  • $17,000—

Lot 5—Wulfs Gallagher 7056G is a homozygous polled, red 75% Lim-Flex son of Wulfs Easy Money K118E ET out of Wulfs Edwinna 7056E. Wieczorek Limousin of Mt. Vernon, South Dakota, purchased one-half interest.

  • $17,000—

Lot 10—Wulfs Garfield T937G is a 1/23/19 homozygous polled, red 75% Lim-Flex son of Wulfs Edge 5045E out of TECS Alternative 1315. Schott Limousin Ranch of McLaughlin, South Dakota, purchased one-half interest.

  • $10,000—Top-Selling Heifer

Lot 422—Wulfs Gold Foil 9469G is a 3/28/19 homozygous polled, homozygous black 75% Lim-Flex daughter of Wulfs Devlin K684D ET out of ASRL Zevida 676Z. She sold to Edleman Ranch of Willow Lake, South Dakota.

Meyer Ranch, Flasher, ND – 50 Lots
J Bar B Cattle Co., Phoenix, AZ – 20 Lots
Twin County Feeders, Minatare, NE – 15 Lots
Yellow Top, Solen, ND – 13 Lots
Broken Arrow S Ranch, McLaughlin, SD – 11 Lots
Roth Farms, Redfield, SD – 11 Lots
Diamond V Ranch, Selfridge, ND – 9 Lots