2020 Missouri State Fair

2020 Missouri State Fair

Missouri State Fair
4-H and FFA Limousin Shows

August 21, 2020
Sedalia, Missouri
Judge: Jara Settle, Norfolk, Nebraska

Grand Champion FFA Female
AUTO Crowning Day 204G,
a 1/5/19 homozygous black, polled 68% Lim-Flex
daughter of Riverstone Crown Royal out of AUTO Casper C.
Exhibited by Ryleigh Morris of Walnut Grove

Grand Champion 4-H Female
AUPH Glitter 06G,
a 1/8/19 homozygous black, double polled 68% Lim-Flex
daughter of CJSL Data Bank 6124D out of TMCK Confetti 254C.
Exhibited by Austin Hunt of Frohna

Reserve Champion FFA Female
GALF Glamour Girl 907G,
a 9/7/19 homozygous black, double polled 57% Lim-Flex
daughter of MAGS Aviator out of CELL Debutante 6402G.
Exhibited by Carson Hoth of Anderson

Reserve Champion 4-H Female
AUTO Gwen 291G,
a 10/6/19 homozygous black, polled 79% Lim-Flex
daughter of MAGS Aviator out of AUTO Lucky Too 423Y.
Exhibited by Kole Lewis of Anderson

Grand Champion FFA Bull
LYDH Global Power 46G,
a 9/13/19 homozygous black, homozygous polled 84% Limousin
son of AHCC Earning Power 900E out of AUTO Pia 245X.
Exhibited by Lydia Hunt of Frohna

Grand Champion 4-H Bull
GBKR Great Expectations 267G,
a 3/17/19 homozygous black, homozygous polled 50% Lim-Flex
son of HA Cowboy Up 5405 out of AUTO Emaline 267E.
Exhibited by Gage Baker of Fulton

Reserve Champion FFA Bull
GPCL Greeley 19G,
a 9/29/19 black, double polled 87% Limousin
son of ROMN Tuff Enuff out of LFRO Dianthus 681G.
Exhibited by Sam Callahan of Centerview

Reserve Champion 4-H Bull
LYDH Go Daddy 45G,
a 9/11/19 homozygous black, homozygous polled 54% Lim-Flex
son of CJSL Creed 5042C out of MAGS Deserve Better.
Exhibited by Austin Hunt of Frohna