2022 Heartland Regional Junior Limousin Show

2022 Heartland Regional Junior Limousin Show

2022 Heartland Regional Junior Limousin Show
May 28, 2022
Afton, IA
Judge: Nate Ruby
Entires: 51

Grand Champion Limousin Female
Grand Champion Bred & Owned Limousin Female
RESH Scotch Cap 133J ET

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Female
CELL 1196J

Reserve Champion Limousin Female
Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Limousin Female
SL Just A Fantasy

Reserve Champion Lim-Flex Female
CELL 1403J

Showmanship Winners

Grand Champion Limousin Female and Grand Champion B&O Limousin Female: RESH Scotch Cap 133J ET, a 3/22/21, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 83% Limousin daughter of TASF Crown Royal 960C ET out of LMCC Scotch Cap 168F, was shown by Riley Smith of Macomb, IL.
Reserve Champion Limousin Female and Reserve Champion B&O Limousin Female: SL Just A Fantasy, a 3/16/21, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 76% Limousin daughter of MAGS Gusto 187G out of SL Mindys Shadow, was shown by Dawson Book of Logan, IA.

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Female: CELL 1196J ET, a 3/3/21, double black, homozygous polled, 48% Lim-Flex daughter of TMCK Flashback 605F out of LLJB Absolute Style 3056A, was shown by Kylie Anderson of Garner, IA.
Reserve Champion Lim-Flex Female: CELL 1403J, a 7/24/21, homozygous black, double polled, 50% Lim-Flex daughter of Silveiras Style 9303 out of Riverstone Charmed, was shown by Kyle Linhart of Leon, IA.

Grand Champion Limousin Bull: DLTM Jake Brake 118J, a 1/25/21, homozygous black, homozygous polled, purebred son of AHCC Heartland 901F ET out of DEBV Grace 903G ET, was shown by Dalton Miller of Treynor, IA.

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Bull: DLTM Jouster 107J, a 1/10/21, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 42% Lim-Flex son of  DEBV Gladiator 917G out of SJH Frontier Gal 08707, was shown by Dalton Miller of Treynor, IA.
Reserve Champion Lim-Flex Bull: SL Jarvis 137J, a 5/26/21, homozygous black, double polled, 57% Lim-Flex son of MAGS Gusto 187G out of SL Cool Angel ET, was shown by Brendyn Myer of Logan, IA.

Grand Champion Progress Steer: JASB Jalepeno 19J, a 2/17/21, black, double polled, 72% Lim-Flex son of JASB Gilmore 26G out of Schutt 330B, was shown by Kacey Boyer of Weldon, IA.
Reserve Champion Progress Steer: DSUL Randell 131J ET, a double black, polled, 25% Limousin son of Here I Am out of DSUL Kaitlyn B08 ET, was shown by Grace Hoover of Dundas, MN.

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Female: MSHP Jasmine 103J, a 1/4/21, double black, double polled, 71% Lim-Flex daughter of CELL Envision 7023E out of CELL Ella 7356E, was shown by Mason Shipman of Council Bluffs, IA.
Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Female: SL Jazzed Up, a 3/9/21, double black, double polled, daughter of MAGS Gusto 187G out of SL Sukis Already Platinum, was shown by Brooklyn Kline of Logan, IA.

Showmanship Winners: 

Champion Novice Showman: Braden Smalley, Nevada, IA
Reserve Champion Novice Showman: Peyton Schmalshof, Avon, IL

Champion Junior Showman: Dalton Miller, Treynor, IA
Reserve Champion Junior Showman: Brendyn Myer, Logan, IA

Champion Intermediate Showman: Neveaha Wicke, Buffalo Center, IA
Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman: Dawson Book, Logan, IA

Champion Senior Showman: Kinlie Lewis, Illif, CO
Reserve Champion Senior Showman: Kylie Anderson, Garner, IA