NJLSC Cow/Calf Pair Show

NJLSC Cow/Calf Pair Show

Congratulations to all Cow/Calf Pair exhibitors!
June 28, 2022
Amarillo, TX
Judge: Ryan Rathmann

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Cow/Calf Pair
PBRS Heidi 071H

Grand Champion Limousin Cow/Calf Pair
Boss Lake Ms Molly 812F

Reserve Champion Lim-Flex Cow/Calf Pair
KYNM Bridget 9563G

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Cow/Calf Pair: PBRS Heidi 071H, a 4/2/20, homozygous polled, double black, 43% Lim-Flex daughter of Colburn Primo 5153 out of SLKF Sister Act 1322, was shown by Tenley Elmore of Hominy, OK. She was shown with TENE Koa 1K, her 4/5/22, double polled, double black, 53% Lim-Flex daughter by RLBH Air Force One.
Reserve Champion Lim-Flex Cow/Calf Pair:
KYNM Bridget 9563G, a 10/10/19, homozygous polled, homozygous black, 50% Lim-Flex daughter of TASF Crown Royal 960C out of ZEBO Queen 563, was shown by Kynlee Thomas of Wolfforth, TX. She was shown with KYNM Bruno 1563J, her 12/15/21, double polled, black, 63% Lim-Flex son by KYNM Boyfriend 9009G.

Grand Champion Limousin Cow/Calf Pair: Boss Lake Ms Molly 812F, a 2/5/18, homozygous polled, black, purebred daughter of Cottage Lake Border Agent out of AUTO Olga 498A, was shown by Wiley Fanta of Starbuck, MN. She was shown with Royal Knihgt RBGL 204K, her 2/20/22, homozygous polled, red, purebred son by HUNT Credentials 37C.