Kansas State Fair Open Show

Kansas State Fair Open Show

Congratulations to all Limousin exhibitors!
September 17, 2022
Hutchinson, KS
Judge: Macey Goretska

Grand Champion Limousin Female
Ratliff Just One 138J

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Female
Richardson’s Jazziness 101J

Grand Champion Limousin Bull
SC Justus 74J

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Bull
ELCX High Time 065H

Grand Champion Limousin Female: Ratliff Just One 138J, a 3/28/21, double polled, double black, purebred daughter of TASF Guiness 315G out of FLWY Purple Ribbon, was shown by Tyra Meyer of Wilson, KS.

Reserve Champion Limousin Female: DL Justine 654J, a 5/23/21, homozygous polled, homozygous black, 78% Limousin daughter of ELCX Kings Landing 599 D out of SSTO Belinda 462B, was shown by Anderson Farms of Topeka, KS.

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Female: Richardson’s Jazziness 101J, a 4/16/21, double polled, homozygous black, 75% Lim-Flex daughter of TASF Guiness 315 out of MRRC Foxy 815F, was shown by McKenna Richardson of Eureka, KS.

Reserve Champion Lim-Flex Female: Schilling Kleopatra, a 3/28/22, double polled, homozygous black, 56% Lim-Flex daughter of FWLY Can Do out of Schilling’s Estelle, was shown by Schilling Cattle of Edson, KS.

Grand Champion Limousin Bull: SC Justus 74J, a 10/16/21, double polled, black, 84% Limousin son of SHSK Mufasa 606D out of Schilling’s Zita, was shown by Super C Limousin of Altoona, KS.

Reserve Champion Limousin Bull: SC Jagger 511J, an 11/4/21, polled, double black, 77% Limousin son of SSTO SKLS Frank 8879F out of JNKL Daisy 511C, was shown by Super C Limousin of Altoona, KS.

Grand Champion Lim-Flex Bull: ELCX High Time 065H, an 11/10/20, homozygous polled, homozygous black, 71% Lim-Flex son of ELCX Kings Landing 599 D out of ELCX Elevate 684E, was shown by Anderson Farms of Topeka, KS.

Reserve Champion Lim-Flex Bull: SC John Wick 621J, a 1/5/21, double polled, black, 25% Lim-Flex son of Schillings R&L Classified out of Schillings Bombshell, was shown by Super C Limousin of Altoona, KS.