National Western Stock Show Open Limousin Show

National Western Stock Show Open Limousin Show

National Western Stock Show Open Limousin Show
January 11, 2023
Denver, CO
Judge: Tom Hawk

Grand Champion Female
LJRJ CSVN Ms Brown Sugar

Grand Champion Bull
OLIM Keystone 23K

Reserve Champion Female
CLAC Kandy 172K

Reserve Champion Bull
Wulfs Joint Venture G579J

Grand Champion Female: LJRJ CSVN Ms Brown Sugar, a 3/1/21, double black, polled, 84% Limousin daughter of TASF Crown Royal 960C out of SCAS Enchantress 940E, was shown by Breck Boyce of Lipan, TX. She was the Division V Champion.

Reserve Champion Female: CLAC Kandy 172K, a 1/28/22, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 50% Lim-Flex daughter of SCC SCH 24 Karat 838 out of TASF Envy 161E, was shown by Hayden Holdgrafer of Bryant, IA. She was the Division II Champion.

Grand Champion Bull: OLIM Keystone 23K, a 2/11/22, black, homozygous polled, 75% Lim-Flex son of MAGS Cable out of OLIM Fortuna 860F, was shown by Caitlyn Ochsner of Kersey, CO. He was the Division II Champion.

Reserve Champion Bull: Wulfs Joint Venture G579J, a 9/1/21, black, homozygous polled, 89% Limousin son of Wulfs Fifty T804F out of DHIL TMG 5795C, was shown by Wulf Cattle of Morris, MN. He was the Division III Champion.

Premier Breeder: Reynolds Land & Cattle, Sanford, CO
Premier Breeder: Ashlyn Ochsner, Kersey, CO


Female Show Division Winners
Division I Champion: SHSK Sherri, a 3/17/22, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 43% Lim-Flex daughter of Silveiras Style 9303 out of WLR Prada, was shown by Carly Kolterman of Garland, NE.
Division I Reserve: GGCG Katniss 802K, a 4/4/22, homozygous black, double polled, 25% Lim-Flex daughter of MRRC Legal 441E out of GCC Miss Elite D612, was shown by Griswold Cattle of Stillwater, OK.

Division II Reserve: J6 Caitlyn 565K, a 2/9/22, homozygous black, polled, 31% Lim-Flex daughter of STAG Good Times 201 out of SSTO Caitlyn 5818C ET, was shown by Ben Spencer of Gibbon, NE.

Division V Reserve: ALYN Jewel 155J, a 3/8/21, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 74% Lim-Flex daughter of CELL Envision 7023E out of ALYN Duchess 600D, was shown by Ashlyn Ochsner of Kersey, CO.


Bull Show Division Winners
Division I Champion: RUNL Keno 166 K, a 3/29/22, double black, double polled, 70% Lim-Flex son of CELL Glass Ceiling 9459G out of RUNL Gee Gee 544 G, was shown by Running Creek Ranch of Elizabeth, CO.

Division II Reserve: RODZ Kingston 199K, a 2/21/22, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 82% Limousin son of JBV Yellowstone 901G out of RODZ Farrah F199, was shown by Reynolds Land & Cattle of Sanford, CO.

Division V Champion: RODZ Jericho 102J, a 3/3/21, homozygous black, homozygous polled, purebred son of RODZ Fantastico 147F out of REYR Miss Direct Hit X102, was shown by Reynolds Land & Cattle of Sanford, CO.