Tulsa State Fair Junior Show

Tulsa State Fair Junior Show

Tulsa State Fair Junior Show
October 8, 2023
Tulsa, OK
Judge: Kyndal Reitzenstein
Entries: 62 Females

Grand Champion Female
ATNF Katniss 252K

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female
KCLM Kiss Me More

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Female
KMHS Jemma 1942J ET

Grand Champion Female: ATNF Katniss 252K, a 5/2/22, double polled, double black, 37% Lim-Flex daughter of Conley No Limit our of JCL Cinnamon LNLM 522C, was shown by Sage Hanrahan of Okarche, OK.
Reserve Champion Female: ELCX Kate 332K, a 5/16/22, homozygous polled, black, 53% Lim-Flex daughter of ELCX Kings Landing 599 D out of ELCX Extra Special 701E, was shown by Carter Kornegay of Tulsa, OK.
Bronze Champion Female: KCOD Journey 176L, a 2/7/23, homozygous polled, red, 53% Lim-Flex daughter of RLBH Days Of Thunder out of PBRS Heart Radio, was shown by Ridge Garrett of Guthrie, OK.

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female: KCLM Kiss Me More, a 10/17/22, double polled, homozygous black, 52% Lim-Flex daughter of CJSL Dauntless 6257D out of HUBB Freda, was shown by Kinley Collum of Guthrie, OK.
Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Female: KMHS Jemma 1942J, a 10/2/21, homozygous polled, homozygous black, 71% Lim-Flex daughter of TASF Crown Royal 960C out of SHSK Fergie 810F, was shown by Karly Harris of Lawton, OK.
Bronze Champion Bred & Owned Female: KMHS Kokonut 912K, a 9/12/22, double polled, homozygous black, 64% Lim-Flex daughter of LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D out of J6 Luckie 208G, was shown by Karly Harris of Lawton, OK.

Champion Senior Showman: Olivia Robbins of Chattanooga, OK
Champion Intermediate Showman: Brandt Gazaway of Stillwater, OK
Champion Junior Showman:
Baylee Smith of Checotah, OK