Riding Shotgun – Be Active

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Through the years we’ve noticed a common denominator in firms and programs that have an easy time selling their product—they are active in the community around them.

One of our favorite examples is Tom and Rosalie Smith of Arator Valley Farm, Smithton, Missouri. Tom and Rosalie were faithful consignors to the Missouri State Sale, Iowa Beef Expo and other select consignment sales in their area. They hosted several sales of their own, but primarily they were consistent in their participation at Limousin consignment sales in their area. Most importantly, they always got along well with their consignments because they always came to the sale with someone already interested in what they were selling.

When visiting with Tom or Rosalie about how they found buyer A, B or C, almost always the conversation would wind up back at their involvement with the Pettis County Cattleman’s Association.

“We met them at the Pettis County Fair … We served lunch with them at So and So’s Sale … We have know them forever from the school where Rosalie taught.”

It was always comforting knowing Arator Valley had a buyer with them before they unloaded the truck. When my Mizzou college buddies would find out I was involved with Limousin, it was a given the next question would be, “Do you know Tom and Rosalie, I met them at Missouri Cattlemen’s, at the State Convention or served with them on a committee.”

We are all busier than we want to be and asking you to join something else seems like overkill, but it is important to remember that everyone you interact with and everyone you run into, is a possible client or a possible conduit to a client.

You can learn about your industry and influence your industry by joining your local cattlemen’s group. They do good things for the business—they are like minded people that are having fun while serving the beef community. By being active in your state beef organization you increase the amount of exposure your program has exponentially. Every program sells 80% of its product within 50 miles of home. By being visible locally you stand a better chance of being the “go to” when beef genetics are needed in your area.

Look up your local cattlemen’s group, JOIN, you’ll contribute to the business we all love and as a side hustle you might run into your next “best” customer.

See you on the road.


Mark A Smith
email: grgenetics@aol.com
phone: 515-229-5227