17th Annual Great American Pie Sale

17th Annual Great American Pie Sale

17th Annual Great American Pie Sale
May 7, 2022
Lebanon, MO
Sale Team: MC Marketing, Grassroots Consulting, Helton Consulting

Sale Summary:
6 Genetic Lots grossed $41,900 to average $6,983
11 Bulls grossed $29,850 to average $2,714
12 Fall Pairs grossed $24,350 to average $2,029
34 Spring Pairs grossed $64,950 to average $1,910
8 Open Heifers grossed $11,900 to average $1,488
Total Sale Gross of $172,950

Spencer and Jay Wilder of Snook, TX, along with Tammy and Andy Schmalshof of Avon, IL, were both consignors and buyers at the sale.
Canyon and Austin Yates of Preston, MO, purchased four head.

Top-Selling Lot
Lot 2A—$8,500
A pregnancy due September 1 by AHCC Barn Burner B907 out of PBRS Zsa Zsa 246Z sold to Excel Ranches of Perryville, MO. This calf will be double black, homozygous polled and purebred. This lot was consigned by Linhart Limousin of Leon, IA.

Lot 1—$8,500
The pick of 2021 September and October calves sold to Wilder Family Limousin of Snook, TX, and was consigned by Glendenning J Bar J Ranch of Lebanon, MO.

Lot 63—$6,500
Semen packages on Wulfs Hat Trick 7183H, a 4/2/20, red, homozygous polled, purebred son of Wulfs Cobra 2662C out of Wulfs Eliza 7183E, sold to nine buyers from six states. This lot was consigned by Garrison Limousin of Osceola, MO, and Wulf Cattle of Morris, MN.

Lot 65—$4,200
MINO Hudson 027H, a 9/21/20, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 72% Lim-Flex son of COLE Explorer 22E out of MINO Fiona, sold to Wulf Cattle of Morris, MN, and was consigned by Minor Limousin of Strafford, MO.

Lot 4A—$4,000
A flush of SEEE Hocus Pocus, a 1/25/20, homozygous black, homozygous polled, 75% Lim-Flex daughter of AUTO Lucky III 210B out of AUTO Power Plus 133B, sold to Sennett Cattle Co. of Waynetown, IN, and was consigned by Wilder Family Limousin of Snook, TX. Buyer is guaranteed a minimum of five embryos with a maximum of ten.