Torgerson Farms ‘Cinco De Mayo’ Sale

Torgerson Farms ‘Cinco De Mayo’ Sale

Torgerson Farms ‘Cinco De Mayo’ Sale
May 5, 2022
Sale Management: MC Marketing

Sale Summary:
8 Open Heifers grossed $16,700 to average $2,088
1 Bull grossed $3,000 to average $3,000
2 Semen Packages $400 to average $200
Total Sale Gross of $20,100

SSTO 1801J

TF Jackrabbit 155J

Top-Selling Lot
Lot 9—$3,000
SSTO 1801J, a 1/24/21, double polled, homozygous black, 64% Lim-Flex son of LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D out of SSTO Feisty 8891F, sold to Jamie Watts of Fairfield, NE.

Lot 2—$2,400
TF Jackrabbit 115J, a 9/1/21, double polled, homozygous black, 68% Lim-Flex daughter of LFL Deluxe Edition 6029d out of LFL Gravy Boat 9164G, sold to Michael Fastnacht of Wessington Springs, SD.

Lot 3—$2,400
TF Jolene 124J, a 9/17/21, double polled, double black, purebred daughter of TASF Crown Royal 960C out of MMMC 001X, sold to Chris Ziegler of Bloomville, OH.

Lot 6—$2,400
TF Jade 122J, a 9/16/21, double polled, double black, 54% LIm-Flex daughter of CELL Guard House 9300G out of CELL 5402C, sold to Linhart Limousin of Leon, IA.