The Ken Holloway Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction And Memorial Scholarship Awards

The Ken Holloway Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction And Memorial Scholarship Awards

The oversight committee for the All-American Limousin Futurity Scholarship Program and Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction met in April to discuss the renaming of the scholarship program generated out of Genetics On Ice and the Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction itself in honor of Ken Holloway.

Ken Holloway was as dedicated a Limousin breeder as any man could possibly be. That dedication was also extended to his family, fellow breeders and friends in the cattle business across the country. Ken was also the breed’s most dedicated supporter of the North American Limousin Junior Association since its inception. Ken started the Genetics On Ice Program in 1984 to provide the vehicle that not only financed the junior association’s activities annually, but additionally helped run the All-American Limousin Futurity until its conclusion in 2020. The Genetics on Ice Benefit Auction has raised more than $1.75 million in revenue for the Limousin Junior Association.

Today, thanks to Ken’s foresight and passion for juniors in the Limousin breed, the proceeds that previously funded the Limousin Futurity show were diverted to fund more than $17,500 of scholarships annually to juniors. The remainder of the proceeds help fund the juniors’ annual operating budget.

“Ken was one of those people you wanted on your side. His love for young people in agriculture and the future of the Limousin breed did not go unnoticed. We are forever grateful for his time and contributions to the junior program,” stated Shelby Hubbard, NALJA president.

As we move forward, the $17,500 of annual scholarships awarded at the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress out of the Genetics On Ice allotment will be named the Ken Holloway Memorial Scholarship Awards. The Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction will be renamed as the Ken Holloway Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction.

Ken Holloway will never be forgotten, and his legacy will continue to live on as we continue to develop leaders in the Limousin breed and the cattle industry.